About the Art

Resin painting is process that involves a complex layering of colours and textures that creates multiple layers and dimensions on the canvas.

Much of the work I produce seeks to explore the untapped potential unique materials and encourage them to behave in unfamiliar ways. This often requires developing new techniques and tools that are capable of subverting conventional painting or resin pouring techniques, introducing a dose of entropy into what are typically very controlled processes. Chance is an essential element in this creative process and one that I bear witness to through the materials ability to simultaneously blend and resist each other.

The resin itself provides a restricted timeline for the art, and somewhere in between fluidity and solidification, a unique process unfolds.

Unique & Sustainable Materials

Often letting environment dictate material Jasmine seeks to use local and sustainable pigments. Currently living in Mexico City Jasmine sources pigments such as Cochinilla insect and Mayan indigo.

Jasmine Cadenhead also sources pigments from John Sabraw. John is currently working with a team of scientists, artists, engineers, and watershed specialists who are working to intercept river pollution. Some of the pigments used in current works are the extract heavy metal iron oxide from the river beds that have been turned into pigments. Once the pigments are extracted Johns team is returning the clean and safe water back to the stream, restoring aquatic life.

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