People are often lost for words when I ask them to describe a place or an environment that has impacted their lives. As a point of inquiry for my work, I begin to ask questions differently. In doing so, I hope to illuminate the connections between memories and the environment.

I ask people to describe an impactful environment through texture, sensation and felt sense. Through these descriptions, I see a new and more authentic viewpoint, an unfiltered image, fictitious or not, a human story. These unearthed memories become the tactile layers of my work.

Recent developments in neurobiology have shown that memory is an active and constructive process, and that “the mind constantly re-assembles old impressions and attaches them to new information”. Most memory researchers “deny that the mind is capable of precisely reproducing the exact imprints of prior experience,” including precisely recalling memories of smells, images or sensations. It is precisely these fragmented, distorted, sensory and emotional elements that I examine and bring into physical and tactile form.

By fusing psychology, art, and environmental studies, I offer an outlook laced with possibility and a reminder of the awe-inspiring setting humanity depends on.

I chose to convey the sublimity as opposed to the devastation when working with memory, if one is able to experience the beauty of these inner and outer landscapes, perhaps it will inspire hope.

Unique & Sustainable Materials

Super Sap Resin is a plant-based resin and is like no other resin in the world.  Its comprised of plant sap and is manufactured in away that is 50% less harmful than other resins. This process significantly reduces carbon footprint. A renewable feedstock replaces additional petrochemical components in super sap resins with a rapidly renewable resource and does not compete with food sources.

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 Jasmine Cadenhead is currently the only resin Artist sourcing pigments from John Sabraw. John is currently working with a team of scientists, artists, engineers, watershed specialists who are working to intercept river pollution, extract the heavy metal iron oxide and turn it into stunning pigments and paints, and then return the clean and safe water back to the stream, restoring aquatic life.

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